Fun Projects

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These pics are of some fun projects that I sometimes find time to do. Maybe you’ll get a few ideas of your own for your house and have some fun with the family while you’re at it.

Kid’s Bedroom Repaint with Wall Mural

This is the kid’s bedroom in a house we bought and we decided it needed a new paint job. My wife and I did this together and it was a really fun family project. The tree mural is actually painted on and not an adhesive mural. The next time your painting a room, think about what you might be able to add to give it more feeling and life. I hope you enjoy your next family project.

 Custom Corner Crib

This was a very fun project to do for my son. He was starting to climb out of his store-bought crib and so I built this deeper crib. It solved the problem and we used it for 1-1/2 years after that. If you having the same problem and would like to build your own, contact me and I’d be willing to get you some plans and drawings for this one.

Garage Workbench and Office Area

This is an 8′ x 32″ workbench with a 8′ x 16″ shelf that I recently built, in my garage. It works great as a work bench but I also use it for an office area to bid jobs. This is a fun do-it-yourself project and can be completed for less than $50.00. That’s a great deal for a very functional space that still looks fantastic. The desk could easily be sealed or finished if you don’t like the rough plywood and framing, which I personally don’t mind. Contact me if you’d like to build your own and I can walk you through how to build it, complete with the materials and tools you’ll need.


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