Recommended Reading

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These books don’t have anything to do with construction, but if you are interested in getting to higher levels of success in your life, these books will definitely help you get there. Enjoy!

Product DetailsThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Steven R. Covey)  This is a life changing book if you adopt the principles laid out in its pages. This is one of my favorite books and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to increase their quality of living and their general success in life!

Thou Shall Prosper (Rabbi Daniel Lapin) This is absolutely the best book on business and money that I have ever read. Rabbi Lapin will change the way you Product Detailsthink about your money and work forever. This book will make you think about how you can best serve other people, which ultimately will affect your income over the long-term. This is an absolute “must read”.

Product Details The Traveler’s Gift (Andy Andrews) Andy Andrews is a great storyteller and will keep you engaged from the first page. This book is a unique blend of powerful life changing principles and fascinating stories from some well-known characters in history. This book is an easy read and will have an impact on how you approach your life and your attitude.


More to come. . .

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